Plan Ahead

Why plan ahead?
A prearranged funeral directive has many benefits that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Not all plans require pre-payment.

Control And Clarity

Making your choices in advance and in writing gives you assurance that your plans will be honored.


Family and friends are relieved of many difficult decisions and conflicts. When you specify your arrangements ahead of need, loved ones can focus on their loss, grieving and celebration of a life they love.

Legal Issues

Texas and all states have laws that are designed to protect a person after they die. These laws can prove challenging and frustrating to the surviving family and friends. Only the person(s) named by law as next of kin will be in charge of all decisions, dispositions, and legal documentation when a directive has not been made by the deceased prior to death. This directive can be in a will, a simple written statement, or best, in a pre-arranged plan that lays out all your wishes.

Lock In Prices

Pre-paid plans can fix the price of your services at today’s cost.

Please call our closest location if you would like more information on pre-determined planning.